Board of Directors

The Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC) is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. Funding comes from membership fees and sponsor support.

The Board of Directors (BOD) provides operational oversight and program direction through annual general meetings, subcommittees and active participation in club activities.

Jason Pollard - 2018 President

I am proud and excited taking on the role of WCC President in 2017. My goals for 2017 are focused on continuing to grow the RIDE-RACE-LEAD vision that the club has embraced over the last 5 years. The major focus of this growth will be to continue engaging you, our members, in the success of our great club!

I get told often that I need to start riding Mountain Bike and Cross, but at this point I’m still a dedicated Roadie. My main operations focus within the club is on volunteerism, clothing, our OCA relationship and our website. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions in these areas. For other questions I’ll do my best to answer, but may connect you with another member of our awesome board.

Kari Hueber - 2018 Vice President

2017 marks my fourth year on the WCC Board, and my fifth year on the bike. This year I’m looking forward to my new role as Vice President and helping to grow the club and move it forward with our new President Jason Pollard. He’s full of great ideas that I’m confident will continue to mature our operations and help us build on our reputation as one of the top cycling club in Ontario and hopefully even Canada! My main responsibilities are around communications and marketing, but I’m also involved in other general operational activities. As a sponsored member of the WCC Race Team, I’m always training hard and am excited to keep representing the club at road and cyclocross races across Ontario.

Brent Doberstein - 2018 Secretary

I am continuing on in my role as WCC Secretary, a position I’ve held for the last 3 years. Basically, I’m the guy who helps run board meetings, and records the board’s discussions, decisions and “to do” lists on a monthly basis. I also help to organize the semi-annual “Adopt-A-Road” clean ups on Hessenstrasse rd, and a new event for 2017, the “WCC Gear, Parts and Bike Swap”. I’m a dedicated Roadie from March to September, but when the temperature dips I break out my CX bike and then my Track bike for sessions at Forest City Velodrome/Milton Velodrome. I’m looking forward to a fantastic 2017 riding season, and to helping the WCC be the best cycling club in Ontario!

Ken Ruckstuhl - 2018 Treasurer

2017 will be my 3rd year as WCC Treasurer. I am a chartered accountant, business owner, and also work as a division controller in the transportation industry. Some of my goals for WCC in 2017 include: continued improvement of the management reporting structure, and engaging sponsors and members to further develop the great club we have. I identify most as a mountain biker in our club, but do participate in some cyclocross events and our KWCX nights in the fall. You may even see me on a few road rides through 2017! Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions you may have regarding WCC.

Mike Lynch - 2018 Director

I have been riding with the club since 1980. Initially, while in university, I was into road racing, then triathlon for 15 years, and now mountain bike. I have always biked to and from work (engineer). My wife and I have four grown children, three ride as well. In the winter I enjoy the structure of trainer workouts (it must be a personality thing). I will be going to New Zealand for a month this winter to MTB with my daughter. During the racing season I will be focusing on the MTB O-Cup series and some of the XCM races. On weekends that I am not racing, I hope for longer, adventure type rides outside of the Region of Waterloo (e.g. TillsonBURN and Lake Muskoka loop).I help with the Youth MTB Rides, the Thursday Road Time Trial, and the Saturday Fondo Rides.

Philip Sheffield - 2018 Director

I started riding with WCC in 2011, took up racing with for WCC in 2013 and joined the board in 2016. You’ll mostly see me on the road, but I’m also out on the cyclocross and mountain bike from time to time. With the exception of the kid’s and women’s mtb rides, I have been out to every ride the club offers at least once! My goal within is the club is to help ensure that we have rides for everyone and leaders available to keep those ride running smoothly.

Sylvia Tatarek - 2018 Director

In 2015 I joined the club for the Learn to Group Ride (LTGR) program where I have made many friends and riding buddies. I really enjoy going out on club rides as I feel safer on the road and more motivated when riding in a group. That’s why, I wanted to get more riders in the community to enjoy the sport with us. In 2016, an opportunity presented itself to add a new club ride for recreational road riders. So, I volunteered to lead on Saturday mornings. I also help with the LTGR program as I enjoy encouraging new riders and seeing the increasing participation. My other focus is on creating a more inclusive and non-intimidating environment for women wanting to develop their road riding skills. You’ll most likely find me riding my road bike on Wed and Sat Recreational road rides and my gravel bike on Mon EZ Gravel Grinder rides.

Kevin Gibson - 2018 Director

I’ve been a member of the club since 2013, and have raced since 2014. I enjoy all types of riding, and racing primarily in Cyclocross and gravel, but also racing Road, Mountain, and even winter Fatbike racing. I’ve progressively raced more and more for the club, starting with mass start events like Steaming Nostril, Tour de Hans, and P2A in 2013, then Cyclocross in 2014, and road o-cups in 2016.

I became co-manager for Cyclocross racing in 2016.

I’m excited to join the board for 2017, I’ll be focusing mainly on Cyclocross racing and gravel events. We had a fantastic 2016 ‘cross season, with lots of involvement across the club. I’ll be looking to grow that, and to contribute more to the club as a member of the board.

Bill Frier - 2018 Director

I’ve been a person on a bike nearly my entire life. I am a huge fan of the bicycle. I started pushing the boundaries in the form of triathlon. Then tried some racing in pretty much every cycling discipline with the Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC). Now I have primarily settled on gravel riding. with shorter club rides during the week and longer rides on the weekend. Gravel riding offers a good balance of nature with sufficient range. And the fun continues year round.

My science background has developed my interest both in data and experimentation. On the WCC board of directors, expect me to listen, ask ‘why’ a lot, and experiment with new things all with the goals of making it easier to get together to ride and to find a ride that fits as well for you as gravel fits for me.

David Trueman - 2018 Director

Although I’ve been riding a bike all my life, I only got serious about improving in 2016 when I bought my first road bike. In 2017, I joined Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC), took in the Learn to Group Ride and then enjoyed Recreational and Intermediate rides all summer. In the fall I plunged into Cyclocross with two races and the fantastic CX Social. When I’m not riding, I am mentoring tech startups, leveraging decades as a technology leader, or learning ukulele. I recently became a member of the Waterloo Region Climate Action Advisory Group, Transportation Sector. I’m keen to contribute as much as I can to help the club offer a wide variety of programs to bring this awesome sport to as many people as possible.

Dawn Frier - 2018 Director

Though I do not ride my bike as fast or as far as others, and generally don’t race, I am passionate about inclusivity and safety while riding. I have been on the Ride for Angels Organizing Committee since the beginning in order to promote safe riding. I have discovered the gravel roads which are generally quiet and peaceful to ride and want to encourage more leisurely paced riders to join me out there. I joined the Waterloo Cycling club in 2012 to learn group riding skills and take up the sport as a form of fitness. I am a teacher. I look at how to build 21st century skills in my students and how to get them to believe in their abilities to do anything (especially Math and Science). I believe in leaving as small a footprint on the planet as possible as we are it’s caretakers. I think that we can encourage more people to ride their bike.