Cambridge Monday Rec Rec

A relaxed pace group and recovery ride on rolling terrain without the pacing of a typical group pack ride. Provides an opportunity for new riders to become comfortable with group riding and get instruction from more experienced members.

Ride Distance:

Approximately 40 to 45+ km, rolling routes with few hills over a maximum 2 hour period

Group Format:

2-up riding with rotating front pairs


  • Split into A and B groups, each with a designated leader and B group sweep
  • A and B groups will leave together on same route
  • 10 minute warm up at 20-28 kph pace
  • A group will split off after 10 minute warm-up

Target Average Speed (for ride):

A Group: 29-30 kph

B Group: 24-26 kph

Pacing Speeds (excluding hills):

A Group: 28-32 kph max

B Group: 25-30 kph max

Rider Requirements:

Before joining this ride, participants should be able to maintain a minimum 25 kph average over a rolling 40-45 km route. If you cannot maintain a 25 kph pace on the flats, you will be left behind.


Normally starts early April - 6pm


Clyde Park - Cylde, ON