Cambridge Wednesday Intermediate Ride

The objective of the Training Pace ride is to give riders a fixed length, hard output workout, where riders work together to share the workload and provide everyone with a good exhaustive workout. Definitely not a cruise. You should join this ride if you are looking for a "constant output" working pace ride targeted at experienced road riders. Includes a reasonable amount of climbing.

Ride Distance:

Approximately 50 to 70+ km routes, depending on the group, over a maximum 2 hour period

Group Format:

Rotating 30 second paceline after a 5 minute warmup


Split into A and B groups, each with designated leader and B group sweep

Start A and B together for a 10 minute warm-up at 28 kph maximum pace

A group will break away after warm-up

Target Average Speed:

A Group: 30-32 kph

B Group: 26-27 kph

Pacing Speeds (excluding hills):

A Group: 30 - 35 kph

B Group: 26 - 30 kph

Rider Requirements:

Riders joining a Training Pace ride must be able to maintain cruising speeds and climb at a pace appropriate to the overall target average of the group. Riders who cannot hold a 28 kph average over a 40 to 50 km ride should not join this ride.


After the warm-up, the A and B groups will split with a leader setting the appropriate pace for each group, slowing as required to re-group. It is important to note that as a training ride, the pace will be maintained to achieve the target average based on the pacing range. Therefore, the group will not be waiting for riders unable to hold the pace. You may get left behind.

The groups follow the same route for the first half so that anyone who is unable to hold on to the A pace will be able to coast back and join the B group during the first half of the route. Struggling A group riders should roll back to participate in the B group before halfway, if necessary. As always, we will wait if there is a flat or breakdown.


Normally starts early April - 6pm


Please check the RideWithGPS event as start locations vary between Clyde Park, Southwood School, and Monsignor Doyle.