For 2018, we are partnering with Louis Garneau for our clothing. Our 2018 clothing line includes an expanded selection of items.

  • Thermal bibtights (men and women)
  • Arm, leg and knee warmers
  • Gloves
  • Cycling cap
  • Three choices of short sleeve jersey (Tour, Slick 2, and Mondo 2 jerseys)
  • Power shorts (men and women), Lazer grip bib shorts (men and women), Tour bib shorts(men)
  • Sports Bra
  • Peak Jacket (men and women)
  • Superlight Vest (unisex)
  • Long sleeve jerseys: Light, and Warmer
  • MTB jersey (to be confirmed)

Garneau will set up a webstore just for the Waterloo Cycling Club. Each member will be able to choose their items, and pay directly through the webstore. Items will be delivered to Adventure Guide for pickup.

We will have three “fit nights” where sizing samples will be available for all items, in all sizes. Fit nights will be at Adventure Guide. Dates TBD.

The first order window will be in early 2018, with a second order in June or July. Adventure guide will be stocking a small selection of club clothing for general sale, but it will be limited, and pricing may be higher.

The store will be open until 27 May 2018: WCC Garneau P.P.R. store.