Club Discussion Groups

If not riding, what’s better than taking about all things bikes? Members can join the discussion in one of our Google Groups.

  • WCC General Public - A place for the broader community to interact with members of the Waterloo Cycling Club. Opinions expressed are those of the individual posting. Only members can post in this group, but information is publicly viewable.
  • WCC General Private - Catch all for the member discussion for topics that don't fit in the more focused group. This includes things like announcements, tales from the saddle, lost and found, buy and sell, etc. This is similar to the WCC general public group, but this is only visible to WCC members.
  • Ride - Ride details are in our Ride with GPS club. See Event Planner for more getting started with Ride with GPS. If you have questions that are not answered there, you can ask them here.
  • Race - A place for members to discuss, strategize, and share racing experiences.
  • Lead - A place to discuss how we can make cycling better, safer and more fun.

Affiliated Groups

Some members of the club have created specialty groups outside of Waterloo Cycling Club domain. Here are the ones we know about.

KWCX is a regional group, focused on cyclocross racing and related topics. It's primarily made up of WCC members, but some competing team "frenemies" have found their way onto the list. The group is most active in August through November, while CX season is underway. Discussion may range from tire pressure, to sharing pro race videos, tire pressure, 1x vs 2x drivetrains, tubular gluing, and of course, tire pressure. Address is: To join, you can send a request to kevinagibson at waterloocyclingclub dot ca.

Social Media

Our Google Groups and social media channels are the best way to interact with the club. If that is not getting the information you require, you can try emailing info at waterloocyclingclub dot ca.