Board of Directors

The Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC) is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. Funding comes from membership fees and sponsor support.

The Board of Directors (BOD) provides operational oversight and program direction through annual general meetings, committees and active participation in club activities.

Kevin Gibson - Director - President

I’ve been a member of the club since 2013, and have raced since 2014. I enjoy all types of riding, and racing primarily in Cyclocross and gravel, but also racing Road, Mountain, and even winter Fatbike racing. I’ve progressively raced more and more for the club, starting with mass start events like Steaming Nostril, Tour de Hans, and P2A in 2013, then Cyclocross in 2014, and road o-cups in 2016.

I became co-manager for Cyclocross racing in 2016.

I've been on the board since 2017 and I’m excited to be president in 2021.

I’ve been focusing mainly on Cyclocross racing and gravel events. We had a fantastic CX seasons from 2016-2019, with lots of involvement across the club. I’ll be looking to grow that, and to contribute more to the club as a member of the board.

Daniel Newton - Director - Vice-President

WCC became a major part of my summers when I joined the Learn to Group Ride (LTGR) program in 2015. I was hooked after seeing how the club members came together to share their knowledge of group riding while respecting traffic laws, other road users, and keeping the group together and safe.

Each year I have gained new experiences in the club. After LTGR I rode with the Intermediate road group. In 2017, I started volunteering as a ride leader for the LTGR program and Intermediate road rides. In 2018, I joined the Faction Racing team and started riding with the Saturday Fast Fondo group. In 2019, I joined the board in the role of Director of Communications, organized the LTGR program, and started riding cyclocross. In 2020, I started riding gravel and finally went to The Hydrocut. And 2021 I moved into the role of club vice president.

Jim Daley - Director - Treasurer

I have been an avid cyclist since the early 1990s primarily on the road and in triathlon. In 2019 I started gravel riding. I became aware that the WCC had an active gravel riding group so decided to join the Club. From my first ride I have been very impressed with the sense of community and the strength of the Ride, Race, Lead culture. The commitment evident from all the ride leaders I have met to make the rides enjoyable and safe for all riders is very impressive and prompted me to think of ways that I could contribute to the growth of the club.. I started to help plan routes for the Saturday morning gravel rides this past fall. I have a financial background and have been on a number of NPO boards over the years. I believe that this experience can make a positive contribution to the Board of WCC.

Jason Pollard - Non-Director - Secretary

Being the President of the Waterloo Cycling Club was a role I will always treasure and provided a wonderful learning experience. I’m very proud of how our great club has grown and that the growth is thanks to the volunteer efforts of our amazing members. I’m now taking on the officer role of Secretary so that I can continue my involvement and support both Kevin and our new board.

Being President changed me! When I took on the role I was a dedicated Roadie and had a lot of fun bantering about why Road was best. Those days are gone. I’ve discovered the awesome discipline of MTB. I’ve got a ton to learn, but wearing baggy shorts has been a great ride so far!

As Secretary I’m responsible for the records of the club. If you’ve got any questions about our history or what’s going on at our board meetings please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Mike Lynch - Non-Director - Chief Operations Officer

I have been riding with the club since 1980. Initially, while in university, I was into road racing, then triathlon for 15 years, and now mountain bike. I have always biked to and from work (engineer). My wife and I have four grown children, three ride as well. In the winter I enjoy the structure of trainer workouts (it must be a personality thing). I will be going to New Zealand for a month this winter to MTB with my daughter. During the racing season I will be focusing on the MTB O-Cup series and some of the XCM races. On weekends that I am not racing, I hope for longer, adventure type rides outside of the Region of Waterloo (e.g. TillsonBURN and Lake Muskoka loop).I help with the Youth MTB Rides, the Thursday Road Time Trial, and the Saturday Fondo Rides.

Mark Weymouth - Director

The Waterloo Cycling Club became a part of my life in 2013. Little did I know I’d love it so much that each year to follow would see me become more and more involved. Cyclocross is my primary discipline, although I also spend a great deal of time on the road and a little on the trails.

In 2016 I was appointed co-manager for cyclocross with Kevin Gibson. Since then we’ve introduced a new CX practise “Columbia Lake Skills and Drills”, an outdoor CX Fall Social and the Cyclocross Worlds Watching Party. Finally, with the help and support of the WCC, we brought cyclocross racing to KW in 2018 with KWCX.

Now in 2019 I’ll take on the role of liaison between the WCC and Faction Racing as well as Race Director with Faction Racing. I’m always trying to encourage people to try cyclocross and racing in general. I’m also more than happy to answer questions on either subject, or find someone that can.

Jeremy Haak - Director

I joined WCC in 2015. The first years were on the road, going through the LTGR program and then getting heavily involved with the various road rides throughout the week. My attention turned to cyclocross in 2017 and then quickly to gravel as well. Through all of this, I appreciated how much of my enjoyment of club activities was the result of many volunteers' hard work. I decided I wanted to give back to the club in turn, first in small ways like helping with the Hessen Strasse cleanup or setting up for cyclocross practice, and then growing to leading rides in 2019.

I have always viewed WCC's value of leadership as applying not just to the club, but Ontario as a whole. I would like to continue that legacy, particularly looking at how the club can support adventure cycling and bikepacking, and how we can be a resource for all cycling both within Waterloo Region and also further afield. Key to that, and where I feel I can be of particular help, is our online presence which is now more important than ever in maintaining and fostering our local club community, but also being relevant to cycling in the province as a whole.

Carla Wilson - Director

I’ve been riding with the Waterloo Cycling Club since we moved to Waterloo in 2015 and have enjoyed the cycling community very much. I started in the Learn to Group Ride and enjoyed Recreational rides after the six-week introduction was completed. On the Board, I can contribute ideas to encourage more cyclists to try club activities and better support newer members. I take part in several events every year eg. The Tour de Grand, Tour de Norfolk, the Dunnville Tour, The Big Ride for Alzheimer’s with WCC and it would be great to see more WCC uniforms in these events.

Brent Ellis - Director

I'm proud to be a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and look forward to continuing to help cycling grow in the Waterloo Region. I'm a past Treasurer and President of the Waterloo Cycling Club and one of the founding members of the WCC Trails Committee. Presently I am the Chair of the WCC Trails Committee. My plan for rejoining the Board is centred around bringing the Trails Committee and Board closer. Over the last couple of years the Hydrocut has grown tremendously and as a WCC board member I will continue to pursue and manage that growth.

Kerry Gale - Director

I am an ‘adult onset cyclist’ and love what the sport has brought to my life. I joined the WCC in 2016 when we moved to Kitchener. As a beginner rider, I started like many others in the Learn to Group Ride program. From there I have volunteered as a Ride Leader, I attend the Monday night Ladies MTB Ride as often as I can and I am learning the discipline of cyclocross thanks to the supportive WCC community and the weekly CX practices.

My hope is to continue to share the sport of cycling with others. To help people grow (and grow myself) through cycling and the WCC community with its collective knowledge and experience across the many cycling disciplines.

Happy Riding!

Blake Ellis - Director