CX (Cyclocross)

Cyclo-cross (also called CX or ‘cross) is a fun and versatile form of bicycling and racing. Many club members are discovering the adventure.

CX bicycles usually resemble a road bicycle with drop handlebars, but differ by allowing wider tires, disc or cantilever brakes, and slightly different frame geometry and gearing. CX bikes are relatively light and fast and unmatched in versatility -- if you only own one kind of bicycle, this could be the one to have.

CX rides cover a variety of terrain: road surfaces from smooth pavement to gravel, grass, dirt, wooded trails, hills, and even obstacles that require you to dismount to navigate. This may sound a little like the Gravel rides, and it’s true, CX bikes are well suited for gravel adventure and there’s lots of overlap.

CX rides and riders cover a broad spectrum: from fast racers with amazing dismount and mounting skills, to recreational riders looking for a fun social ride away from the traffic.

Join the CX rides to hone your racing technique, or simply improve your bike handling skills in an encouraging environment.

How do I get started?

Riding CX on a pure road racing bike isn’t advisable, but nearly any other kind of bike will work for you to give it a try. Look to the gravel rides all year round. In the fall, look for CX-specific practice rides on Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings, and a special CX social to launch the season planned for early September.

You must be a member of the club to join our rides. See Membership for details.


For all rides, check the Waterloo Cycling Club Event Planner for information and updates leading up to the ride each week.

CX Social/Try CX Event

For 2019, the third annual outdoor cx social will happen Sunday, September 15, 10am-2pm at Columbia Lake in Waterloo. We'll be running things similar to last year. There will be multiple local bike shops with tents, demo bikes, mechanics and of course a variety of baked goods and snacks under the WCC tent. We'll have a roughly 2km course constructed for practise, fun, and our men's, women's and kids races. Before the races there will be a series of skills clinics covering dismounting/remounting, tackling barriers and some good old cornering. This is an official WCC event, however, it will be a try-a-ride so invite your cross curious friends to come out and have fun. Don't have a cross bike?Don't worry! Mountain bikes work just fine too.