Thursday Threshold

The Thursday “Threshold” Group Road Ride focuses on longer efforts at your threshold intensity level. This type of training ride prepares the cyclist for a steady effort when riding in a peloton or up a long climb. You may expect longer pulls of 3 to 8 minutes at your lactate threshold before finding recovery in the group.

This very popular group ride typically breaks into as many as 5 groups based on solo pace ability for 60km. When choosing your group, keep in mind that you will be pulling your group members for a minimum of 3-minutes at the described pace which is going to be at your threshold level or slightly above. The distance of this ride will range between 50km and 80km based on available light with routes often including Elora and Fergus.

Note: Unfortunately, if you are unable to hold the posted pace for your chosen group you may be dropped even if you are in the final group.

Note: At this time we do not have rider leaders for Casual Riders, which would be average speeds of 24km/h to 27km/h. If you are interested in becoming a ride leader for a group in this average speed range then please contact the club at


Starting beginning of April as weather permits – 6:30 pm (6:00 pm after Labour Day)


RIM Park North East Corner of Parking Lot off Millennium Blvd. (Behind Building).