Not everyone races, but racing can be for everyone. Whether you're looking to podium or just test yourself in the competition setting come ride and chat with our club members and learn about racing in Ontario.

Each year, more members are testing their legs in competition. As a result of the increased skill and strength developed on the trails; and speed and endurance earned on the road; 100’s of WCC members participate in organized cycling events. This means cultivating higher level training and racing skills, encouraging faster groups and teams to enter races together, and financially supporting those who have a shot at doing something great in the sport.

The club supports Faction Racing as a way for members to enter into and excel at racing. While the club supports Faction, some members choose to race with other teams. This can bring out some friendly rivalries and banter at club rides.

We also support the local Waterloo race scene through KWCX in an effort to provide a local race for members and to bring other riders to our region.