Leadership is simply about taking the initiative. Volunteering. To lead a ride, build a trail, take some photos at an event, put up a CX course or tear it down, help out with timing, provide advice on the Forum or advocate for safer roads. WCC and its members have a real opportunity to build one of the best cycling communities in Canada. The trails are legendary with a reputation that draws riders from far beyond the Waterloo Region. The Trails Committee and Trail Days provide the leadership and opportunity for us to make a difference in the enjoyment and stewardship of our environment. Our race team will have an impact in the pelotons of Ontario and will “give back” as mentors and leaders at weekly rides. And every member can participate for Adopt-A-Road and sign up for one of our cycling event programs.

Volunteer & Leadership Opportunities

Ride Leadership

WCC has at least one ride available everyday and for these to occur a ride leader is needed to guide the group around. The more ride leaders we have the better. This allows for multiple groups on a ride and for leaders to attend to other commitments, vacation or injury. The ride coordinator may be different from the ride leader. The ride coordinator plans the route, determines if the ride will go or not, and sends out announcements if necessary.


The Waterloo Cycling Club has officially adopted Hessen Strasse from Kressler Rd to Moser Young. Twice a year, volunteers from the club spend a couple of hours collecting debris to keep this commonly used road clean. The community greatly appreciates the effort that we put in!

Trail Days

Even if you don’t ride or run the trails, they attract a group of riders and runners from far and wide due to their excellent reputation. It is a great time to give back for a morning, and, is usually followed by lunch.


The OCA allows people who have never been on a club ride to try it out once. The Waterloo Cycling Club utilises this program with great success. Volunteering with this program is a great way to introduce new members to the club and encourage social interactions and connections. These rides need a lot of volunteers to help organize, guide and encourage the potential new members on a fun and safe ride.

Race Volunteering

There are many races that occur in and near the region including our own KWCX Cyclocross Race. These don’t happen without a lot of volunteers. Many members don’t race, or only race certain styles but can give back and have a great time by volunteering to be everything from registration to course marshall.

Learn to Group Ride

The learn to group ride is a series of road rides over 6 weeks that teaches new members how to ride in a group. It helps them to be confident when riding in a group, to build their fitness and awareness of cycling knowledge, introduces them to other members of the group, and ultimately makes group rides safer. This ride needs as many ride leaders as possible so that the groups can be fairly small, and so that there will be sufficient leaders each week.