Privacy Policy

“Personal Information” (PI) is any information about an individual that relates to the person’s personal characteristics including, but not limited to: gender, age, home address, home phone number, email address, health history, and health conditions.

  1. Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC) will only gather PI when there is a purpose and that purpose is disclosed at the time of gathering.

  2. WCC will treat PI with care, making it available to a limited number of club volunteers as it is needed to fulfill their role or where their role includes management of such information. All volunteers who have access to PI will be familiar with this policy and will be briefed on the practices they need to employ to ensure the protection of PI. This includes all Directors on the Board who may, in the course of conducting club business, be exposed to PI, which may be present in their personal email and on their personal computers.

  3. WCC will take reasonable precautions to store PI securely using trusted providers. At present we use:

    1. Google G Suite for storage and their policies assure us that we own the data and they do not use that data for other purposes.

    2. CCN for registration and payment services. Their privacy policy indicates that they do not share or sell your information to anyone else.

    3. MailChimp for email blasts to current and past (one year) members. Their privacy policy indicates that Contacts (our member email addresses) are not shared with third parties for advertising purposes.

  4. When you optionally use our discussion forums which are hosted in Google Groups, your email address may be exposed to other users. Your use is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy.

  5. WCC will never disclose PI to third parties without explicit permission.

  6. WCC will never sell PI to third parties.

  7. WCC will not send excessive emails to your email address. Email notifications generated from Google Groups are configurable to your own preferences, including disabling them completely.

  8. Collection of PI may be for any of the following purposes:

    1. Email address will be used for club communications

    2. Club registration will require that some PI be shared with Ontario Cycling Association for their own registration and for insurance purposes

    3. Emergency contact information may be used in the case of an emergency

  9. By providing PI to WCC, individuals are implying their consent to the use of that Personal Information in compliance with this policy.

  10. Personal Information will be retained as long as reasonably necessary to enable participation in WCC programs, events, and activities, and in order to maintain historical records as may be required by law or by governing organizations.

  11. In the event that this Policy conflicts or contradicts the WCC’s Bylaws, the Bylaws shall take precedence.