Riding off the Beaten Path.

Rides that incorporate quiet roads, gravel roads, rail trails and community trails are often called gravel grinders. However, the term gravel grinder doesn’t really tell you much. This type of riding isn’t so much about the gravel as it is about finding the routes less travelled. We look for variety; a ride that gives some exercise, but is still relaxing.

To allow for maximum exploration, a little wider tire is recommended. 30mm and up should be fine in the summer months. If you are really stable on 28mm, that would work too. More traction and width is needed in the winter. There is really no limit on the top end: hybrids, mountain bikes, and plus sizes would all be fun.

You must be a member of the club to join our rides. See Membership for details.


For all rides, check the Waterloo Cycling Club Event Planner for information and updates leading up to the ride each week.