MTB Fast

It will be a friendly fast drop ride split into sections with rally points. This is for advanced riders who do have at least some knowledge of the Hydrocut trails. The route will be about 24 KM total, split into three sprint sections with carefully selected (in order to avoid mosquitoes ) rally points where we will pause, regroup and then proceed to the next section.

It is requested that every rider bring a cell phone, so that if they get dropped and cannot make the next check in they could contact the ride leader. If they have problems or do not check in, we would circle back to find the lost rider. Also all riders would be expected to have some familiarity with the trails in case they get dropped in order to make it to the checkpoints. The goal is not to try and lose people, but we will also keep moving fast and then re-group at each stop.


Saturday or Sunday morning


The Hydrocut parking lot, Glasgow entrance.