For Covid-19 updates see News and Announcements section on this page

Vision: The Waterloo Cycling Club strives to create an inclusive, engaged community of cyclists, from recreational riders through elite racers, in all disciplines.

Mission: The club endeavours to create multiple opportunities at all levels for club members to participate in organized rides and events, races, and community leadership in the Waterloo Region: RIDE, RACE, LEAD.

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News and Announcements

Covid-19 Information

Capacity restrictions and sign-up requirements have been lifted for events such as our club activities. We continue to monitor updates from the Ontario Cycling Association and Ontario Health.

Visit for details.

See our Risk Management Plan

Read and be familiar with the OCA Covid 19 Information. The OCA updates the guidance as new information becomes available.

Upcoming activities

The Waterloo Cycling Club's Discourse Forum hosts our online community. Members, to see upcoming activities please go to the Ride Planning section on the forum.

Community members can also participate in discussions on a variety of cycling topics. For more information see Discussion Forums .

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