Membership Policy

  1. Purpose

    1. The purpose of this Policy is to describe the application, rights, conditions and obligations for membership within the Waterloo Cycling Club (WCC).

  2. Scope and Application

    1. This policy applies to all Members as defined by WCC’s Bylaws.

  3. Membership Year and Dues

    1. Membership in WCC is granted upon an annual basis and will terminate on December 31 of each year, subject to re-registration in accordance with this Policy and the WCC’s Bylaws. Membership dues are established annually at the discretion of the WCC’s Board of Directors.

  4. Renewal of Membership

    1. A Member will be accepted or renewed as a Member, if:

      1. The potential Member has made an application for membership in a manner prescribed by the WCC;

      2. The potential Member has agreed to comply with and meets the requirements of the WCC’s Bylaws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations;

      3. The potential Member has paid membership dues owing from any previous membership period;

      4. At the time of applying for membership, the potential Member is a Member in Good Standing as defined in this Policy, or the Board explicitly approves the application; and

      5. The potential Member meets the requirements listed in the WCC’s Bylaws and in this Policy.

  5. Minimum Requirements for Renewal

    1. Potential Members must comply with the following minimum requirements to maintain and renew membership with the WCC:

      1. Submit the following applicable information:

        1. Name

        2. Email address

        3. Other information as may be required for the registration process and insurance

  6. Good Standing

    1. A Member of the WCC will be in good standing, provided that the Member:

      1. Has not ceased to be a Member;

      2. Has not been suspended or expelled, or had other restrictions or sanctions imposed;

      3. Has completed and remitted all documents, fees and payments as required by the WCC;

      4. Has complied with the Bylaws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the WCC;

      5. Is not subject to a disciplinary investigation or action by the WCC, or if subject to disciplinary action previously, has fulfilled all terms and conditions of such disciplinary action to the satisfaction of the Board; and

      6. Has paid all required membership dues or debts to the WCC, if any.

    2. Members who cease to be in good standing may have privileges suspended and will not be entitled to vote at meetings of the club or be entitled to the benefits and privileges of membership until such time as the Board is satisfied that the Member has met the definition of good standing as set out above.

  7. Membership Rights and Privileges

    1. Members in good standing are entitled to:

      1. Receive communications and up to date financial reports from the WCC;

      2. Attend the WCC’s Annual and Special Meetings;

      3. Nominate and vote for the WCC’s Directors in accordance with the WCC’s Bylaws;

      4. Examination of the following documents which are made available on the club’s website:

        1. The report of the public accountant, if any

        2. Prescribed comparative financial statements that conform to the requirements of applicable legislation

        3. Any further information respecting the financial position of the WCC; and

      5. Access to the documents described in subsection (d) twenty-one (21) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

  8. Withdrawal and Termination of Membership

    1. Membership in the WCC will terminate immediately upon:

      1. The expiration of the Member’s membership, unless renewed in accordance with this Policy;

      2. Resignation by giving written notice to the WCC in which case the resignation becomes effective on the date specified in the notice – designation as a Member does not relieve the Member of its obligation to pay any outstanding dues or fees;

      3. Liquidation or Dissolution of the WCC;

      4. The Member no longer meets the definition of Member as defined in the WCC’s Bylaws;

      5. The Member ceases to be in good standing by virtue of

        1. Failing to pay membership dues, fees or other monies owing to the WCC by the prescribed deadline dates, or

        2. Having had disciplinary sanctions imposed in accordance with the WCC’s Bylaws and/or policies relating to the discipline of Members;

      6. By Ordinary Resolution of the Board or of the Members at a duly called meeting, provided fifteen (15) days’ notice is given and the Member is provided with reasons and the opportunity to be heard. Notice will set out the reasons for termination of membership and the member receiving the notice will be entitled to submit a written submission opposing the termination; or

      7. The Member’s death.

  9. Interpretation

    1. In the event that this Policy conflicts or contradicts the WCC’s Bylaws, the Bylaws shall take precedence.