Add a New Ride

Waterloo Cycling Club welcomes initiative from Ride Leaders to fill needs and provide variety for our members by leading new rides that are not represented by the existing scheduled rides. A new ride may be a one-off or a repeating occurrence. It is new if it is either leaving from a new departure point OR at a new time (more than 3 hours different than an existing ride.)

Some questions to ask before creating a new ride:

  • Is it going to compete with existing rides and fragment our offerings too much?

  • Is it going to fill an unmet need?

  • Is it going to be safe?

  • If repeating, do you have the ability to sustain it?

If your idea passes these tests, simply send to the details:

  • Start time and location.

  • Type of ride (crossroad, MTB, road, etc.).

  • Culture (recreational, intermediate, fast, etc.).

  • One-off or repeating and at what interval (weekly, monthly, etc.)

Wait for an acknowledgement before advertising the ride in Club Ride Notices on the Discourse Forums. If you need help with either of these steps, just ask ride-help and someone will assist.

It is best to give ride-help a week’s notice so that the ride can be registered with our insurance provider. The registration requires minimum of 48 business hours. Please plan for a minimum of 60 hours notice (not including weekends) for the Ride-help Team. We are all volunteers, so please try to give us more time to react.

Ride on!