Waterloo Cycling Club Committees

Many activities and necessary tasks in the Waterloo Cycling Club are organized and run by committees of volunteers. Committees are created by the board and often a board member will head or chair each one. 

Each committee is tasked with specific responsibilities and can be empowered to spend a requested amount of club funds if approved by the board. The volunteers on our committees ensure that activities and annual tasks/maintenance happen year after year. Without them the WCC wouldn’t be able to offer such a great variety of rides, events and services.

At times a committee will be created to address a new club endeavor and is then disbanded when their task is completed while other committees are in continuous operation.

Currently the Ride, Information & Technology, Forum and Trails committees are operating. Usually every two or three years, when there is a new clothing design required, a Clothing Committee is created during the winter months before the spring clothing order. The Clothing Committee is disbanded after a new design has been decided on. 

Many of these committees, with the exception of the Trails Committee, are constantly looking for volunteers, especially the Ride Committee. If you have some spare time and want to give back to the WCC we would greatly appreciate you reaching out to to inquire about the committees unless another contact method is specified. 

If you don’t have the time to commit to a committee and still want to volunteer, then please visit our lead page for many single day opportunities. 

Below is a brief description of the current committees.


Members: 9

The Ride Committee focuses on club rides: organizing ride leader training, the Learn to Group Ride program, refining our ride cultures, recruiting ride leaders, and generally anything related to how rides are planned and run.

Information & Technology (IT)

Members: 2

The IT Committee continues to focus on Google Workspace. The website is in Google Workspace. The website is now the biggest activity for the IT Committee. Google Workspace also provides the systems that support committees and the Board: Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.


Members: 11

This committee takes care of everything related to the WCC Discord forum. If you have any issues, concerns or ideas they are the ones to contact.

The best way to reach the committee is to post in the Site Feedback/ Help Me category. 


Members: 11

The Trails Committee is in charge of everything relating to the Hydrocut Mountain Bike Trails. They plan, construct, maintain, fundraise and run events at the Hydrocut. 

Information about the trails can be found at

The best way to contact the Trails Committee is to email


Members: The number fluctuates, but typically 5+

The Clothing Committee designs the WCC’s cycling clothing. A design is usually kept for two to three years before being changed. If necessary the clothing committee might look at changing to a different supplier. Generally the head of the committee will work with the supplier to ensure our design looks the way it’s intended to, picks the garments to be offered and any other details the supplier requires.