MTB (Mountain) Culture

There are several different cultures as well as types of rides for mountain biking. Please read the details below to understand what each means. Specific details about the ride will be posted on the club's Discourse Forum (most of the time).

Ride Culture


This is a ride which will consist of group discussion and teaching as well as demo riding and repeated testing of the instructional features. This can be combined with the regular types, ie “Newbie Instructional”, “Intermediate Instructional”, “Advanced Instructional” or left open for everyone as just “Instructional”.


This is a MTB ride for people with little to no MTB experience. A trial to see what mountain biking is like. A “proper” mountain bike is not required though wider tires are recommended.


This is a MTB ride for people with a proper mountain bike and at least an idea of the fact they will be riding a dirt trail with bumps and roots. The riders know what to expect, but have not necessarily had a lot of experience. Trails ridden will be green or blue.


An MTB ride for riders with Mountain Bike experience and comfortable on a trail. Will primarily ride Blue and Black trails, but perhaps some more adventurous bits. Getting off and walking may be required if you are not comfortable with some features


An Advanced MTB ride can consist of many possibly different elements which could be categorized as advanced and these should be specified. The Advanced ride could be Advanced because of distance ridden, speed and pace of the ride, advanced climbing required, technical features such as rock obstacles, man made features such as drops, jumps, etc., which may not have ride-arounds.

What the advanced elements are in the ride should be specified in the description so that riders are aware of what to expect. If a ride would be unsafe without a particular capability of bike or would require extra safety equipment this should be specified. Please contact the ride leader for the ride if you have questions about any of the elements specified before getting out on the ride.

MTB Ride Types

Skills & Trials

This is a ride which will focus on trying specific skills. It will primarily be a ride, but there will be some instructions and help provided to riders along the way. The group may stop and demo and repeatedly try certain features during the ride such as skinnies, jumps, rock features, etc.

Trail Ride

This is a typical MTB ride. The group will stick together riding one individual trail at a time, faster riders in the lead and the ride may or may not stay together for each trail. After each trail the group will stop and wait for all riders and re-group and proceed to the next trail.

Sweep Ride

This is similar to a Trail Ride, but with less stops and is typically used for larger groups and usually at locations other than the Hydrocut such as Puslinch or Turkey Point. The ride will have two *leaders", the Head at the front of the ride and the Sweep as the last rider. When the ride gets to an intersection the Head will tell the second rider behind him to Mark that intersection. That second rider will stop at the intersection and make sure all subsequent riders make the correct turn, only proceeding when the Sweep rider reaches the Mark intersection.

The Sweep rider will ensure no rider is left behind and no one gets lost and help out any riders who have problems. The Head rider will stop periodically for the group to re-gather and if the Sweep does not catch up will back track to investigate the delay.

KOM Ride

This is a ride which will be split into segments with rally points. Segments will be a section of trails of about 5-10 KM, such as the Hydrocut North Loop. The riders will start together, but then ride the designated section as fast as they can and not usually riding together. After completing the segment and perhaps getting a KOM or PB riders will wait and regroup at the rally point before proceeding on to the next segment.

This ride assumes all riders have good knowledge of the trails and segments.


This is a MTB ride with a preset course of trails. The riders will start together and ride the entire course at their best pace non-stop ( if possible ). The riders will not really ride together as a group unless they happen to be at the same pace, but meet at the end of the set course. There may or may not be a gathering at the end, and this should be pre-determined before starting so riders know if to wait or not.

This ride assumes all riders have good knowledge of the trails and the entire race route.

Please be respectful of other riders if conducting this type of ride, especially if there are a large number of riders involved. It may be best to do this type of ride at less busy times if at a popular trail system.