The Waterloo Cycling Club strives to create an inclusive, engaged community of cyclists, from recreational riders through elite racers, in all disciplines.


The club endeavours to create multiple opportunities at all levels for club members to participate in organized rides and events, races, and community leadership in the Waterloo Region

For our members, this boils down to three prime mandates: RIDE, RACE & LEAD. These 3 words capture the essence of WCC. They provide a framework for the programs we run; the funding we allocate; the work of the volunteer’s; the issues that we advocate; and the inspiration to make WCC one of the best cycling clubs in Ontario:

Membership - Join Here

We are a reflection of the community. Our membership consists of students, lawyers, police, teachers, business people, locksmiths, and members from all walks of life who love to ride. We develop leaders who run programs and we marshal people’s energy behind a shared vision of cycling as a positive force in society. Join us as we Ride, Race, and Lead together on the roads and trails of the Waterloo Region.

Highlights of WCC

  • ~500 members (28% female, 10% youth)

  • 16 recurring ride programs across Road, MTB, CX and Gravel

  • Online forums and ride scheduling

  • WCC volunteers manage and grow The Hydrocut trails

  • KWCX CX Race

  • Social events

  • Adopt a Road

  • Your Big Ride fundraising event in support of Alzheimer Society Waterloo Region

  • Sponsor discounts

  • Road Rules, Safety & Advocacy

  • Teaching and mentoring

  • Race programs

Membership Year

The membership year matches the calendar year. For more information see Membership Policy.

Membership Fees

  • Youth (18 or under) = $15 + WCC pays OCA Youth Citizen Permit*

  • Student or Seniors 55+= $25 + OCA Membership*

  • Adult = $35 + OCA Membership*

*OCA membership is mandatory to be a member of WCC. Details on types of OCA memberships (including cost) can be found as part of the CCN Membership registration process.


  1. Start your registration on CCN here: Register WCC membership.

  • Agree to all terms and conditions by electronically signing the waivers*

  • If you want access to the club’s online discussion forums, opt-in by providing your Google account information. How do I get a Google Account?

  1. Register for an OCA Membership. This can be done within the registration process on CCN.

  2. Add payment details

  3. You will receive an electronic membership card in your confirmation email from CCN.

  4. Get out and join one of our group rides

*Youth under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent/guardian before the membership will be released. The registration process will include details for emailing this waiver directly to the OCA.

Note: If you have any complications in the registration through CCN, please contact them directly 1-866-534-2453 or Please note they are located in BC.

Thank you and welcome aboard!