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We have recently transitioned from Google Groups to Discourse. Members have been invited, people joining the club will be set up on discourse automatically (within a couple of days of joining). We are working on setting up public access for our friends from other clubs and the public interested in talking cycling with our members. The Google Groups became read-only on July 9th.

If not riding, what’s better than talking about all things bikes? The club discussion forums are the place to do that. There are areas just for members or groups of members (e.g. Women members) as well as places to engage with the wider community (coming soon). Groups with restricted access are marked with padlocks. For more information on using the Forum see the frequently asked questions (FAQ) category. A good one to start with is the New Forum User Guide.

If you have questions and you can login, post them to Site Feedback / Help Me.

Visit the Forum at, https://forum.waterloocyclingclub.ca/

Google Groups (read-only)

The Waterloo Cycling Club discussion forums were hosted in Google Groups starting late 2017. They were made read only in July 2021. These Google Groups are in the waterloocyclingclub.ca domain. They are setup with varying degrees of security as it relates to the subjects in particular groups. The process to add members to the groups is manually triggered. For more information see Forum FAQ.

On the topic of security, one setting you should pay special attention to is display name. Members have asked for more information about fellow club members. So, for private club groups, consider linking to your Google Profile. However, for more public groups, you may prefer to use a Display Name you provide.

Members are added by an administrator to the member only forums according to their wishes as indicated at registration time. Email notifications and wishes to leave the group is done using the Google Group self serve. For details see Online Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

For information on setting display name, please refer to Googles Help Article: Groups Help - Find and join a group.

Member Only Private

There are some topics that members would just like to keep within the club. At the top of this list are discussions around things like race tactics and future plans such as upcoming rides.

  • Ride - Ride details are in our Ride with GPS club. See Activities for more help in getting started with Ride with GPS. If you have questions that are not answered there, you can ask them here.

  • Race - A place for members to discuss, strategize, and share racing experiences.

  • WCC General Private - Catch all for member discussion on topics that don't fit into the more focused group. This includes things like private announcements, tales from the saddle, lost and found, buy and sell, etc. This is similar to the WCC general public group, but this is only visible to WCC members.

Only Members Can Post

There are times where we want to be able to share what is going on in the club with the greater community. The Tales from the Saddle posts are one such example.

  • WCC General Public - A place for the broader community to learn from members of the Waterloo Cycling Club. Opinions expressed are those of the individual posting. Only members can post in this group, but information is publicly viewable.


The public has asked to interact directly with members. If you would like to join in this discussion, you can join, leave, or configure your membership in these groups using Google's self-serve.

Affiliated Groups

Some members of the club have created speciality groups outside of Waterloo Cycling Club domain. Here are the ones we know about.

KWCX is a regional group, focused on cyclocross racing and related topics. It's primarily made up of WCC members, but some competing team "frenemies" have found their way onto the list. The group is most active in August through November while CX season is underway. Discussion may range from tire pressure, to sharing pro race videos, tire pressure, 1x vs 2x drivetrains, tubular gluing, and of course, tire pressure. Address is: KWCX@googlegroups.com To join, you can send a request to kevinagibson at waterloocyclingclub dot ca.

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