Saturday Fondo

Saturday morning fondo group rides, although fondly termed the “Train of Pain”, have the objective of building efficiency and effectiveness using more of a steady, comfortably hard pace. The idea behind the WCC Saturday Fondo is to offer similar routes to as many members as possible with different distances similar to the Fondos that many of us ride for a fun challenge. Most Saturday’s will include a destination for the longer routes that will act as a form of rest stop.

The WCC Saturday Fondo is a road ride for all groups (in groups of 6-15 people) with the focus on distance, improving group skills and loving being on our bikes. The format of this ride will follow the format used on Thursday nights with groups being determined by the total number of riders, distance (including destination) and rider levels. The distance of this ride will range between 50km and 140km based on destination and the desire of each group.

The number of groups will differ each week based on turnout.

Note: Unfortunately, if you are unable to hold the pace for your chosen group you may be dropped even if you are in the final group.


Starting in early April, weather permitting. Start times by month,

  • April: 9:30am
  • May/June: 8:30am
  • July/August: 8:00am
  • September: 8:30am
  • October or later: 9:30am

Check the club Event Planner for details of weekly rides including potential changes to start location, start time, details on destination, route, and cancellations.


Starbucks Coffee at the corner of Columbia and Fischer-Hallman Road.