Trail Etiquette

There are a variety of trails in and around town including the Hydrocut which are quite popular with cyclists, runners and hikers. It is important to be a good trail user and follow some basic etiquette rules which basically amount to being considerate to others.

Some basic “rules” to follow when using trails:

  • Call out a pass 5+ sec in advance with your voice loudly, with a bell or both. Be aware that some people cannot hear a regular bell due to its frequency or may have headphones in and can't hear you so try another method if it does not look like they heard you.

  • Slow down when passing others, especially children, pets and larger groups. Try to give dogs and horses as much room as possible.

  • If you are part of a group and additional riders are behind you but out of sight (e.g. hill, corner), let the people you are passing know more are coming.

  • Purposefully move to one side of the trail or another when passing. It helps people to decide on where to move so there’s less confusion. If there are groups passing each other in front of you, wait patiently and don’t try to “squeeze” between them.

  • Say “Thank-you!”

  • Look back on occasion and be aware of other faster moving trail users.