WCC Trails


The WCC Trails have been in existence informally for several decades known as the Hydro Cut. A few of the original trails like Adam’s Run and Sweet Street are still part of our trail network today.

Back in 2003 the Region of Waterloo contacted the Waterloo Cycling Club in the hopes that we could help them maintain this trail network. It took years of negotiations but a formal stewardship agreement was struck in May 2009 which granted the WCC stewardship over the trail network. The WCC now works closely with the Region of Waterloo in building and maintaining this amazing network of almost 30 km of mountain bike trails.

You don’t have to be a WCC member to enjoy the trails but if you want to volunteer your time to help us maintain the trails please send us an email to info@waterloocyclingclub.ca or you can go to our donate to the trails page and contribute to the trails monetarily.

WCC, in conjunction with the region, created this sign and posted in three locations on the trails. It is included in our management plan to the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) to ensure safe stewardship of the trails by WCC.

Traffic counting provided by TrafX www.trafx.net.

The Waterloo Cycling Club gratefully acknowledges the receipt of an Ontario Trillium Foundation Capital Grant. Our grant money was used to purchase wood for the new boardwalk on the Stinky Girl trail. The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of the Government of Ontario.