Monday Novice / Intermediate MTB

The Monday Novice-Intermediate Mountain Bike Ride is an ideal way to meet new riders, learn the Hydrocut trail system and go for a spin with friends while practicing the basics of single track mountain biking.

This ride is intended for novice to intermediate riders or any riders who would rather take a more relaxed pace than the King Street Cycles Wednesday Evening Ride.

What you need:

  • A mountain bike in good working condition. If you are unsure, please bring your bike by one of our sponsor’s stores and ask them about riding it on the WCC Trails.

  • A helmet (mandatory to attend this ride)

  • Water

  • Bug spray is a good idea too!

About the Ride

  • We usually break into two groups, with the faster group riding a longer time and distance.

    • Plan on an hour ride for novice and an hour and a half for Intermediate.

  • These are no-drop rides and we re-group frequently to be sure no one is left behind.

  • We have four regular leaders for the ride and try to have a lead and a sweep for each group. If you can volunteer as a leader, please let Ken, Bob, or Steven know.

Anyone participating in this ride must be a member of the Waterloo Cycling Club. Details and benefits here: Membership.

The goal of this ride is to provide a fun and challenging ride for everyone.

If you have any questions please contact


Monday, 6:45 pm.

So long as the Hydrocut is open, we ride. Please check The Hydrocut website before leaving home.

Summer: The Novice/Intermediate ride

Fall: Intermediate Monday Night Lights Ride begins. If you have lights and experience riding in the Hydrocut, come out and enjoy Monday nights riding. Starting in the Fall, when the day turns to night, we ride with lights.

Winter: When the snow flies, this ride will turn into a fatbike ride. We will ride all winter.


Meet at the upper parking lot of The Hydrocut (Glasgow street behind Walmart). Look for our group in the middle of the parking lot nearest the trail entrance.