Wednesday King Street Cycles

Come out and join us on our time honoured trail rides, leaving from the Glasgow entrance of the Hydrocut every Wednesday night at 6:45pm. These rides are sometimes fast, always spirited and forever fun. We have a ride leader and ride sweeper, so you won’t get lost or be the last one out. Co-ed, so either sex can impress the other with displays of speed and agility. These rides are geared to be social, so there is lots of opportunity to stop and take a break and have a chat, and get to know your fellow riders.

So, throw a full cooler in your truck, get your air pressures dialed, and head over to the Hydrocut on Wednesday nights to burn your legs, stretch your lungs and show everyone why your preferred wheel size is better than all the others. This ride is geared for intermediate and and advanced riders.

For insurance reasons, you must be a member of Waterloo Cycling Club or the King Street Cycles club to attend.

See you there!


Wednesdays 6:45 pm.

See, Event Planner for details of specific rides.


King Street Cycles sign at Glasgow entrance of The Hydrocut.