Cambridge Sunday Fondo

A brisk-paced group touring ride of 3.5-4 hours in duration with a mid-ride rest stop. First half is a moderate social ride format with a touring pace workout ride for the second half and a split into two pace groups.

Ride Distance:

Minimum of 70 km with 100+ km routes on alternating weekends, starting in May

Group Format:

1 or 2-up riding for first half, 30 second rotation paceline over last half, re-grouping after hills


First Half - Start with a 10 minute warm up at 25 kph pace, then the full group at 26-28 kph pace 15 minute rest stop approximately half-way

Last Half - Split into A and B group to finish last half

Target Average Speed:

A Group: 30+ kph

B Group: 26-28 kph

Pacing Speeds (excluding hills):

A Group: 30-35 kph

B Group: 25-30 kph

Minimum Rider Requirements:

Riders joining this group must be able to maintain a minimum constant pace of 28 kph cruising speed for 70 km